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Joshua G. Allen


Dependable, driven and results oriented programmer with a strong understanding of core and advanced programming concepts.

Skills And Strengths


• C#
• C++

• Java
• Python
• GDScript

• C
• JavaScript


• GM Studio
• Godot
• Blinder
• GitHub

• Unity
• NetBeans
• MS Office
• Tortoise SVN

• Eclipse
• Visual Studio
• Cloud 9


Experience working on a variety of game mechanics, demonstrated ability to apply programming skills to AI development, graphics, game architecture and game play. Collaboration with programmer and non-programmer team members to develop a standardized pipeline. Evaluate programming code for efficiency, debugging and quality assurance.

Design and Development

Writing of detailed technical specifications, including component-based architecture, object-oriented architecture, functional specifications, flow-charting, class structures, and interface design.Able to find multiple solutions to a single problem, determining the pros and cons of each, implementing the optimal solution, and thoroughly testing. Maintaining and upgrading legacy code to work with newer systems.


Experienced team leader, ability to lead and organize technically demanding projects. Plan tasks according to understanding, ability and schedule of individual team members.

Work Experience

Zazmo Arcade Pack

Game - GML

A variety pack of five arcade games. Each of the games has an assortment of fully featured game modes with a focus on multiplayer cooperation and competition. While developing Zazmo, the goal was to finish production as fast as possible but while still keeping everything at a high standard of quality.

As sole programmer for this project my main achievements are:

  • Simultaneous development for both steam and Xbox one.
  • Collaborated with artists to develop a development pipeline.
  • Five endless arcade games.
  • Online leaderboards for Steam and Xbox one.
  • Robust user input handling for multiple players.

Boss 101

Game - GML

A side scrolling shooter game that incorporates many different genres. The main feature of the game is the fact that there are 40 bosses with five parts each, each boss part is mixed up creating an almost unlimited amount of ways to play. The AI to make it work turned out be be really advanced because all the boss parts had to work with all the other parts while still being fun to play.

As sole programmer for this project my main achievements are:

  • Simultaneous development for both steam and Xbox one.
  • Sound and music editing to work with an advanced audio system.
  • Collaborated with artists to develop a development pipeline.
  • Designed and implemented an advanced AI algorithm.
  • Robust dialogue system.
  • Fully featured cinematic system.
  • 4 sub-games.

Editor / debugger for Boss 101

App - Java

An advanced editor that allows for editing core systems for the game Boss 101. Communicated with the game using networking that allows for a team to edit values from anywhere. The tool greatly increased production time by allowing for instant changes to the game while it was running.

As sole programmer for this project my main achievements are:

  • Parse, edit, and save JSON files in a easy to read format.
  • Display simple analytical data.
  • A fully featured particle editor that used a custom format.
  • A easy to use value editor that made changing values easy.
  • A save file editor.


B.S. in Computer Science

University of West Florida

April 2016

The UWF computer science curriculum focused heavily on data structures, algorithms, networking, paradigms of programming languages, and a variety of maths. Each assignment project was programed in c except for assignments that focused on a specific language.

AI Research Group Lead Programmer

While at UWF I was in the AI research group and because the lead programmer of two projects. Lead and directly managed a team of over 20 students. Rutenly volunteered to run workshops on programming AI.